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The DPC Bootcamp—a day long training session required for all DPC Delegates at the Downtown Branch of the YMCA—will be Saturday November the 12th! Mark your calendars!


Skills Needed

  • Must be at least a Sophomore in high school

  • Must have been a delegate for at least one year (does not have to be at SHSMUN)

  • Ability to write high quality articles in a quick and timely manner

Job Description

  • Creates articles to be placed in the diplomat

  • Puts the diplomat together

  • In charge of creating thorough articles so that if an advisor were to pick it up, he/she would have a clear idea of what went on in each committee session that day


Skills Needed

  • Previous Photography and or Videography experience

  • Ability to organize photos on a computer

Job Description

  • Get footage of the whole entire Model UN conference so that a

        closing video can be created

  • Takes pictures from each committee session for the diplomat

  • If there are press conferences, then they are in charge of getting the footage

Tech Assistant

Skills Needed

  • Excessive knowledge in the use of technology

  • Previous experience as tech support  

Job Description

  • In charge of fixing all tech malfunctions throughout conference including issues such as:

    • issues with technology in each committee

    • problems playing the opening/ closing videos

  • Makes sure all the proper connections are made in order to have media presentation with ease. Especially during:

    • Opening Ceremony

    • General Assembly

    • Closing Ceremony/Awards

  • Runs technical errands if needed