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The Disarmament and International Security Committee is the first committee of the United Nations General Assembly. This committee is tasked with seeking out threats to the peace and stability of the international community, as well as the disarmament of nuclear weapons and small arms. DISEC also works alongside several other notable international organizations, including the Conference on Disarmament and the UN Disarmament Commission.


Topic A: Riot Control Agents in Chemical Warfare

Riot control agents (RCAs) are the only form of chemical weaponry that remains unregulated by the international community. While a valued law enforcement tactic worldwide, RCAs’ innate ability to produce mass harm and intensify violence is a vital threat to international peace and, thus, must be addressed.


Topic B: Global Submarine Proliferation

With states becoming increasingly reliant on the Nuclear Triad to establish military dominance, one branch, in particular, is becoming a reinvigorated point of concern: submarine weaponization. Considered a decades-old military strategy, submarines now have to adapt to modernized technology, contentious laws of sea, and nuclear development lest they continue to fan the flames of the ongoing undersea arms race.


Topic C: The Role of Sanctuaries in Transnational Insurgencies

Sanctuaries across borders are, in many ways, the heart of any contemporary insurgency.
Supplying materials, protection, and strategic advantages, these sanctuaries engulf foreign
governments, regional nations, and civilians in transnational combat zones. This issue must be
swiftly addressed, as the expansion of isolated conflicts into multi-state warfare permanently
disrupts international peace and security.


Ethan Fell, DISEC Chair

1. ) Why do you participate in Model UN?

Without a shred of doubt, the people I meet at Model UN are the basis for why I love participating. Hundreds of people gather together at conferences across the world to debate real issues that have real significance and that really matter to them, and it’s incredibly inspirational to think that myself, along with all of these passionate individuals, will someday be the changemakers of the world. It brings good people together for the best of reasons, and the friendships I’ve made because of it will stay with me forever.

2.) What kind of food would you be? Why?

Spaghetti - it looks like a mess, is a mess, but ends up being pretty alright in the end.

3.) What is your Favorite SHSMUN memory?

Fake News in SHSMUN 2017

4.) If your life was a book what would the title be?

Life’s Coffee Stain

5.) What's your favorite quote?

“I love the smell of the Universe in the morning.”-Neil deGrasse Tyson