About the Digital Press Corps (DPC)

DPC at SHSMUN is a unique committee – documentation, rather than debate, is its primary purpose. DPC focuses on capturing the essence of the Conference using photography, videography, and reporting in the delegate newspaper / blog – The Diplomat. Members of the Digital Press Corps will be responsible for producing photographs or journalistic materials while at the Conference. Due to the specialized nature of their work, DPC delegates will be required to go to the DPC Training Session held on a Saturday prior to the Conference.

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Please note that you must have an adviser recommendation when applying, a copy of which is located in the application.

2019 DPC Schedule

The 2019 DPC Schedule will be released as the Conference gets closer.

2019 DPC Positions

 Reporters (7-13):

  • The DPC Reporters write articles for the delegate newspaper, The Diplomat. Reporters must be knowledgeable about Model UN - though this can be learned at the training day - in order to be able to write about the goings on of a committee. The articles should be clear and concise enough that anyone reading The Diplomat, would be able easily understand what happened.

Photographers (4):

  • The DPC Photographers documents the Conference through photos and videos. Photographers must have experience with portraiture or photojournalism, as that is the primary style of photography used throughout the Conference. These pictures will be displayed on the SHSMUN website and used in the Diplomats and Conference Videos.

Check out some of our photos below!


Jahlil White, DPC Editor-in-Chief


1. ) Why do you participate in Model UN?

I participate in Model UN not only because I get to take pictures which is what I enjoy doing, but I get to see the importance of leadership being an officer along with meeting strangers who I will call my friends right after I meet them.

2.) What kind of food would you be? Why?

Café au Lait Crème Brûlée. I’m like that perfect mixture of coffee and milk with a custard filling; it's almost like my personality is sweet like milk and energizing like coffee.

3.) What is your Favorite SHSMUN memory?

The whole DPC squad meeting Santa and getting Christmas cookies in November

4.) If your life was a book what would the title be?

ןıןɥɐɾ is Backwards.

5.)What's your favorite quote?

“If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.” -Tony Robbins