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The Economic and Financial committee serves as the Second Committee in the United Nations General Assembly. It is tasked with decreasing economic burdens on nations and securing a stable economic system for the citizens of the world. During the current session, responsibilities include macroeconomic policy, global growth, sustainable development, and helping to increase commodity and capital commerce across borders.


Topic A: Addressing the Role of Inflation in Economic Crises

Inflation instability can have a detrimental effect on current and future economics and lead to financial crises. Analyzing the global inflation factors is necessary to ensure a safe global economy.


Topic B: Income Distribution in Developing Economies

Across the world, the gap between the rich and poor continues to increase at drastic levels.  Recognizing the unequal distribution of income among individuals will help emerging markets feasibly grow and develop.


Topic C: The Impact of Protectionist Policy on International Trade

The further use of protectionist policy aims to protect domestic industry but at the potential expense of civilians. The lack of free trade risks a trade war and threatens economic growth worldwide.


Preston Fore, ECOFIN Chair

1.) Why do you participate in Model UN?

In less than three days, one’s entire view on international affairs and diplomacy can change, especially at SHSMUN. By just stepping into any committee for a few minutes can demonstrate how anyone can begin to make a positive change on the world through international resolutions. Furthermore, the bonds formed between delegates in less than a few hours is definitely priceless; The entire experience at SHSMUN can be truly life-changing and awe-inspiring.

2.) What kind of food would you be? Why?

A French fry. I’m tall, skinny, and occasionally a little on the salty side.

3.) What is your favorite SHSMUN memory?

The attempted annexation of 26 countries by Ireland, Russia, France, and myself, North Korea, in ECOFIN 2017 was utterly amazing. Our “Old World Amendment” received support from probably over half of our committee, but the chair unfortunately ruled it dilatory. Even after several revisions to make the resolution more practical, we were still shut down. However, the valiant effort made by my committee along with all the friendships formed, definitely made it one of the highlights of my SHSMUN experience.

4.) If your life was a book what would the title be?

The Art of the Procrastinator

5.) What is your favorite quote?

“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.” - Bob Ross