Click HERE for the General Committee topic guide. 

The General Committee (GC) debates the resolutions produced by all committees other than the Security Council and MUNIC. The General Committee decides which resolutions will move on to General Assembly and suggests amendments as it sees fit. The General Committee is unique to SHSMUN because of its significance to the very structure of the conference and its ability to ensure complex and quality debate on the topics.

The General Committee has no set topics. Instead, GC delegates must be acquainted with all the topics at the conference. When reviewing resolutions, delegates must know their country’s position on every topic and be able to articulate effectively which resolutions should pass.

Since SHSMUN 2015, the General Committee has been elevated to a tier matching that of the Security Council. Delegates must be adept at research, parliamentary procedure, and understanding other countries’ various policies in order to advance their country’s positions on all thirty topics; therefore, we strongly suggest delegations send one of their more experienced delegates to the General Committee. During the first few committee sessions, instead of the standard mock debate, the committee will use the time before other committees pass resolutions to draft a “Pre-Resolution Flood Outline,” in which all thirty topics will be sorted into one of three categories: High, Mid, or Low Priority. This outline will be used as a reference to open debate on specific topics when resolutions arrive from other committees.

Alisha Pershad, General Committee Chair

1) What are your hobbies?

Playing piano, reading, watching Netflix (Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, The Crown), and swimming.

2) Why do you participate in Model UN?

Model UN creates an environment where people from all over can come together, forge meaningful and long-lasting relationships, and discuss topics they are extremely passionate about. It has the power to improve research, improvisational speaking, and debate skills, but more than that, when you walk out of a conference, you feel like you've made a difference -- even if it is from a mock resolution -- for the global community.

3) What would your theme song be?

“Style” by Taylor Swift.

4) What is your favorite quote?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ― M. Gandhi

5) What is your favorite SHSMUN memory?

I have two, because it wouldn’t be SHSMUN if I only had one. The first is the feeling when I walked into my committee room last year and saw all the hard work the 2016 Officers had put into crafting the perfect topic guides and conference manifest into incredible debate. The second was after the closing ceremonies last year when every officer started sobbing. Whether it was out of sadness, ecstasy, or just pure exhaustion, never have I felt closer to my SHSMUN family.