Position Papers and Resolutions

For some last-minute tips and tricks on writing position papers before you submit, take a look at the 2017 Delegate Papers Guide, which can be found HERE.

Due to technical difficulties, the process for submitting papers has been changed.  All papers must be emailed to papers@shsmun.org by October 26th at 11:55 PM EST. GC papers may still be emailed to either the papers account or gc@shsmun.org following the procedure in the GC topic guide.

All delegates must still complete delegate registration accurately. Delegates can check how they are registered at the old paper submission link, which can be found HERE.

Delegates must submit three position papers, one for each topic, and at least two resolutions, one per topic, by the new deadline of October 26th. 

Before sending your papers to papers@shsmun.org, make sure that they are saved as Word files (.doc or .docx). If your resolutions are accepted into the docket, this will help the Staff to format them consistently.

Make sure that you do not refer to your committee or your country between your preambulatory and operative clauses.  Examples of incorrect formatting are pictured below.