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The Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee is concerned with the examination of human rights and fundamental freedoms along with their social implications. Through these practices, it is meant to protect minority groups as well as promote the abolition of systematic oppression in various contexts. While it lacks the ability to enact international legislation, its role is largely defined by the aid it is delegated to provide. SHSMUN’s SOCHUM serves as an environment in which new and experienced delegates alike work cohesively toward solutions for the wide array of issues facing the committee. In this way, Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian debate benefits a large range of experience levels.


Topic A: Considering Systems of Reintegration for Ex-Prisoners

The stated purpose of incarceration is the same from country to country: it intends to remove a potential threat from society, thereby decreasing the likelihood of future damage to the community. However, prisoners who have served their time and have been released often face great difficulty as they attempt to readjust to and reenter society.

Topic B: Environmental Migrants

Environmental migrants are individuals who are compelled to relocate as the result of a changing environment, due in large part to anthropogenic climate change, that has devastating effects on human development. The imminent nature of the threat makes addressing this challenge all the more urgent.

Topic C: The Feminization of Poverty

Despite ongoing efforts to empower women, the global gap between men and women in comparable sectors continues to widen because of factors such as education and opportunities. In confronting this phenomenon, the committee will examine courses of action that have been undertaken in various nations and create new initiatives to resolve this newly recognized concept.

Karlyn Simcox, SOCHUM Chair

1) What are your hobbies?

Watching “Parks and Rec,” eating nachos, using a ridiculous amount of modern slang, and making atrocious puns.

2) Why do you participate in Model UN?

To expand my worldview and increase my skill in debate as well as for the sole purpose of writing and arguing. It’s amazing to witness what can be accomplished when delegates from countless different backgrounds and views come together to resolve an issue. The bonds forged by Model UN are truly exceptional, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. 

3) What would your theme song be?

“Flawless” by Beyoncé.

4) What is your favorite quote?

“Be a star. Be a superstar.” ― DJ Khaled

“I definitely have more lions than any other country in the whole world right now.”― Andy Dwyer

5) What is your favorite SHSMUN memory?

Losing two keys through the pages and having to search for them the rest of the afternoon. A close second was having to print out my officer application three times before it finally made it to my chair, resulting in my sprinting to the computer when I was next up on the speaker’s list.