And They're Off!

In the ECOFIN committee, the delegates ignited their session with a productive start, voting their topic order to be "Sustainable Development in the Middle East and North Africa," "Currency Devaluation," and "Economic Integration." To address the conflicts and disparities of the Middle East and North Africa regions, Chile first presented its resolution, which proposed a criteria for the specific amounts of aid that will be contributed to and eventually phased out in these regions. Chile also suggested that these regions collaborate through job opportunities and public services. Following the committee’s discussion of Chile’s resolution , Qatar presented its resolution, calling for the creation of a committee which would rid corruption and therefore also more money to combat poverty, assist education, and built infrastructure. Some such as North Korea questioned whether countries would be too reliant on others, but Qatar stated that even developed countries such as the US receive help from other countries. Others countries such as Norway, Panama, Switzerland, Brazil, France, the US, and Canada spoke following Qatar. All of SHSMUN can’t wait to see what the ECOFIN committee will accomplish together!