Red Card for Integrity in Sport

INTERPOL Afternoon Session: Day 1

After starting discussion on Integrity in Sport, the delegates of INTERPOL engaged in a long, heated debate over limiting the speaker's time. After the United States of America held the floor's attention for an exorbitant amount of time under an unlimited restriction, several nations moved to change the speaker's time from unlimited to five minutes to ten, and then to a final compromise of twenty-five minutes. With the issue of time resolved, debate rapidly picked up as delegates from the United States, Croatia, and Switzerland questioned the role of incentives in professional sport. The delegates of INTERPOL fervently argued against treating athletes as self-employed workers with resolutions specifically attacking the ethics of match fixing in sports organizations. Considering the recent Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) scandals, numerous delegates agreed that offering higher incentives could be more valuable than increasing punishment on the accused. Rather than attack the side effects and aftershocks, many decided on directly striking the source as an act of prevention. The Diplomat will continue posting updates on INTERPOL's actions in regards to illegal betting in sports, as well as Wildlife and Forest Crimes and the Misuse of the Informal Banking Sector - Hawala Transactions.