Never Fear, UNEP's Here!

The bright delegates of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) have been discussing the topic “Replacing the Kyoto Protocol.” Kyoto Protocol, a treaty adopted in 1997 in Japan, required signatories to reduce their production of greenhouse gas emissions. This document was later viewed as a failure because not all signatories met the goal of reducing levels by 5.2% collectively by 2012. To address this issue, France proposed that the committee reevaluate the emissions of industrialized countries so that these countries especially could reduce levels. It also suggested the continuation of Clean Development Mechanism, the creation of a committee to come up with clean energy solutions, and the severity of enforcement program penalties be increased. Qatar called upon its committee to use a percentage tax spectrum based on GDPs to serve the interests of all countries and that goals be based on the changes in emissions from previous years. In response to a question from Venezuela, Qatar said that while this might not work for everyone, this resolution will work for a majority of the world. The third speaker, Chile, recommended a grouping system that would have different expectations for the developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries and advocated for fund-raising and awareness. Chile expressed approval of some of France’s ideas and stated that funding for its resolution would come from projects with NGOs. Nigeria stated that it was satisfied with the Kyoto Protocol, especially because of its flexibility. We all know that UNEP will keep Mother Earth safe, so keep up the good work!