Order, Order!

Further into the afternoon session, the thorough General Committee delegates have nearly completed sorting the 27 topics of the various SHSMUN committees into categories entitled High, Mid, and Low Priority. Still enthusiastic after hours of detailed work, the delegates have been finalizing the Low Priority List, which begins with what they consider most pressing and ends with the least significant. Among the higher topics on the list were DISEC: Treaty on Open Skies, SOCHUM: Youth Bulge Theory, ECOFIN: Economic Integration, while the last three topics were MUNIC: Preventing Future Global Disease Outbreak, WHO: Genetically Modified Organisms, and SPECPOL: Regulating the Exploration and Development of Arctic Regions. Belgium, however, sparked a lively debate, by urging the committee to move DISEC: Treaty on Open Skies to the lowest spot on the list and SPECPOL: Regulating the Exploration and Development of Arctic Regions to the top of the lineup. Over fifteen delegates joined the speakers’ list to debate this proposal. Countries such as Switzerland and the UAE showed strong support by explaining that the SPECPOL topic involved much more conflict, including oil fights, than the DISEC topic did. Likewise, Chile described the SPECPOL issue as “multifaceted,” claiming that the topic covered economic and environmental issues in addition to security. Australia insisted that the original order should be accepted and proved the importance of the Treaty on Open Skies by saying that a few years ago, a plane was shot down and hundreds were killed. Nevertheless, the committee will come to a consensus soon and will create a prioritized order for our conference. You’re on a roll, General Committee, and we know you’ll do amazing things!