Safe and Sound

This afternoon, the hard-working Security Council has been immersed in topic of  “The Situation in Venezuela.” In an informational session featuring Venezuelan labor union leader, Che Lopez, played by Director General Ace Damodaran, Lopez unveiled the struggles of desiring more rights in a labor union, being forced to sell products at unreasonable prices, and living in oppression under a corrupt government administration. He further exposed the suffering of the lower and middle class and the restriction of exports and imports. In defense of the Venezuelan government, Venezuela explained that the country permits the right for individuals to protest peacefully, many labor unions have plotted to violently overthrow the government. After Lopez left, the Security Council delegates discussed the ways to ensure better security. Spain proposed that veto rights of the 5 powers, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia, be taken away to let countries all have voices. Explaining its view to Lithuania, Spain noted that veto powers result in lack of decision, leading to a prolongation of global conflict and suffering of the world’s people. With progress from our Security Council sure to come, SHSMUN will definitely be safe and sound!