Law and Order: SHSMUN

Legal Afternoon Session: Day 2 

In the last few hours of committee before all of the delegates adjourn for General Assembly, the hardworking delegates from Legal have been debating and called a one hour un-moderated caucus in order to draft the last of their super resolutions. The delegates have been discussing compromises and resolves for Defining Maritime Piracy on an International Scale; Defining the Right to Asylum, Extradition, and Hot Pursuit; and the Ethics of Human Cloning. Working to regulate international law among all member states, the Legal Committee has been hard at work. During the last hour-long caucus, the DPC connected with two delegates with experiences outside of SHSMUN to share their thoughts.


Ella LaRose/12th/Maryville/Spain and Ali Shafi/11/McCallie/USA

Why did you choose Legal as your committee?

AS: "This is my fifth conference, and four of them have been in SOCHUM. I chose Legal because it is very different from SOCHUM, and I thought that it would be a good experience to get out and try something new."
EL: "I want to be a lawyer when I grow up, and I have done every other committee in the world. I was excited to find out that SHSMUN had a Legal committee because none of the other conferences I've been to have had that."

What's your favorite part of Model UN?

AS: "I love un-mods simply because it's fun to be able to stand up and state your position and have someone else stand up and state why your position is wrong. It's fun to be able to hear different viewpoints and argue them."
EL: "When people stand up and get things wrong. I really love formal debate, because I feel like un-mods don't really get things done, and I like to get things done."

What's your favorite topic in this year's Legal Committee?

AS: "The Piracy topic because I loved it before we were doing [debating] it, and I love it even more after because it affects all 66 delegates. It's cool to see the perspectives of smaller countries against larger countries, and to understand the positions."
EL: "Piracy, too, because it is a multi-step topic as it includes piracy as a whole, as well as another step and another. Even when countries agreed, their opinions were still very different."

How do you like your chair?

EL: "I haven't really talked to her much, but I really like her hair."
AS: "She is really nice, because I have had other chairs who are ruthless in execution. I thinks she does a really good job or making sure committee doesn't get out of hand."
EL: "Yeah, she is really respectful or new delegates and the learning process, and I like how she gives advice to newer delegates during the unmoderated caucuses."

How would you describe your delegate style?

AS: "I am loud and I talk way too much."
EL: "I get stuff done faster than I should, probably because I really like to get stuff done."

Are you coming to the delegate dance?

AS/EL: "I will come for the chips."

Is there anything you would change or would to comment about SHSMUN?

AS: "SHSMUN has been one of my favorite conferences because it is run by highschoolers, and they know what we [delegates] want to see. It's the best conference I've been to because it is really made for high school students."
EL: "This is my first SHSMUN, and the staff does a really good job of keeping everyone in line and having fun at the same time. I wouldn't change anything."