Peace Out

This Sunday morning, the SPECPOL delegates have enthusiastically been investigating their second topic, “Securing DDR Processes of UN Peacekeeping,” which delves into the issue that while peacekeeping stabilizes conflicts all over the world, Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration work has been weakened as a result. Problems have arisen, including physical abuse and domestic violence, so the SPECPOL delegates have been suggesting ways to improve these situations. The United States suggested that UN member nations contribute more to peacekeeping missions and that peacekeeping troops be removed gradually to maintain the peace in the areas. The US also recommended stricter guidelines and punishments for sexual assaulters, including specific years of sentence. Chile encouraged the creation of a committee to oversee peacekeeping missions and reforms in peacekeeping and abuse policies. A super resolution sponsored by the United States, Chile, Spain, and the UAE is being intensively debated, and SPECPOL will soon reach an agreement on this topic. Peace out, SPECPOL, and continue your great work!