The End is Nigh: Resolving Protracted Social Conflict

Security Council Evening Session: Day 1

While the DPC actively recorded a segment of debate in the Security Council, the delegate from France avidly defended her resolution for Addressing and Responding to Protracted Social Conflict: Yemen, Turkey, and Palestine/Israel. The issue of protracted social conflict exists in several nations around the world, particularly in areas in the Middle East, and it is imperative that the conflicts are resolved quickly and that protocols are put into place to prevent future conflicts. Not only are human lives at stake, but also economic and political stability - the very infrastructure of the states. The delegate from France proposed a resolution in which differnt ethnic, religious, etc. groups could move from areas with conflicting groups, humanitarian aid would provide for personal and societal protection and stability, and military resources would be utilized as a last resort to act as peaceful divisive barriers. France's resolution was met with a tough crowd and many questions as the Security Council debated the merits of allowing large groups of people to move with free will, as the logistics of the situation would require intensive work and families and communities could potentially be destroyed. The delegate from Venezuela pointed out that political forces in the nation could prevent resource aid, and that the resolution could do more to offer humanitarian aid. While some delegates felt that the resolution was too bold in the wording, others felt that the resolution did not realistically do enough to prevent any further conflicts. The delegate from Spain declared that France's resolution was not proactive enough in the long run in assisting nations, and that a more powerful call to action was required. More news on the Security Council will be streamed today as debate picks up, and when the delegates sacrifice their sleep for the good of the world with their emergency topic early Monday morning.