While the Chair is Away, the Delegates Will Play

DISEC Morning Session: Day 2

Before the DISEC committee began formal debate, and even before the chair Eamon McFadden could make an appearance, several delegates and the co-chair devised a resolve for the issue concerning space in the DISEC ballroom. Disbanding the former setup consisting of rows, the delegates reordered the room into a horseshoe shape to help foster debate and create a better atmosphere for discussion. Way to be innovative, DISEC! After the rearrangement, the DPC got into touch with one of the delegates for an interview.

Name/Grade/School/Country: Cade Shortt/10th/Ooltewah/Malaysia

What has been the hardest part about Model UN so far?

"Drafting super resolutions in the short amount of time during the caucuses."

How do you feel about the chair?

"I love the chair and the co-chair! The way that he 'rules' the committee and debate is really cool and engaging, and his chairing style is fun."

What is your favorite part of Model UN?

"My favorite part of Model UN so far has been working with the other delegates, especially with super resolutions. Last year [first year] I didn't really talk much to other delegates, but this year I have talked to and met so many people, and even went out for dinner with a couple last night."

What is your favorite topic in DISEC and why? What is your least favorite?

"My favorite topic, or the most interesting one, has been Combating Transnational Terrorist Organization Recruiting because it is the most prevalent. It affects the whole world rather than a few developing countries, like my least favorite topic the Treaty on Open Skies. The Treaty on Open Skies only really affects a few developed nations, and my country Malaysia isn't really affected. There are lots of smaller nations that aren't really afflicted."

What's Your Delegate Style?

"Spend six hours before the night they're [resolutions, position papers] due and don't look at them again."

Any further comments on the conference?

"The conference has been really fun, but I think that the organization of debate could be better. Changing the DISEC room from rows to the horseshoe shape has been good because now you can see everyone's face, even though the space is not always flexible."
Reporter Katarina Radu interviewing delegate Cade Shortt

Reporter Katarina Radu interviewing delegate Cade Shortt