World Health Organization: WHO are You?

WHO Morning Session: Day 2

The delegates of WHO have been passionately debating topics ranging from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to the Proper Management of Medical Waste and Biohazards to Paternalism and Non-Communicable Diseases. During committee sessions, the delegates moved for several unmoderated caucuses in which to devise their super resolutions, taking several at a time. During the evening session on Day 1, the delegates of WHO passed one of nine resolutions. The resolution passed, super resolution A-7, was sponsored by the delegates from Chile, Brazil, the United States of America, and India, on the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). While the delegates continued debate, the DPC caught up with senior and first-time delegate Clark Danks.

Name/Grade/School/Country: Clark Danks/12th/McCallie/USA

How has your first year of Model UN been so far?

"It's been pretty fun. I didn't expect it to be such a good way to meet a bunch of people. I thought it would be a bunch boring nerds, but instead its a bunch of cool and attractive nerds."

What's your favorite WHO topic and why?

"Genetically Modified Organisms because it was more debatable because so many people in th world are against them, as they don't really know what they are. The other two topics [are less debatable because] they're more globally recognized as bad."

What's been the most fun part of Model UN so far?

"I would say writing super resolutions during the un-mods and fixing original resolutions because that allows people to work together. Also I had three and a half pounds of cake last night, which is pretty good"

Are you going to the delegate dance?

"I will leave if there's not grinding. Also, the best music to dance to is EDM."

What's your delegate style?"

"I'm basically just j-chillin. When there are un-mods I usually work on super resolutions, and I debate when there is opposition to my country."

Anything you would change at Model UN?

"I would severely limit point of order because it really gets out of hand."