Good Things Come in Small Packages

Good things come in small packages, and one of these good things is certainly MUNIC! As a new committee this year in SHSMUN, MUNIC guided a smaller group of first-time delegates through the process of Model UN, offering three topics that would pertain to three different committees. On Saturday, these delegates collaborated to discuss the issue, “Preventing Future Global Disease Outbreak,” a WHO topic that called for methods to help confine diseases in small regions and thus prevent global pandemics. Led by Chair Kristen Edgeworth, the delegates ardently debated the issue and eventually agreed upon a resolution authored by New Zealand and the United States. Preventive measures suggested by this document called for people in susceptible areas to be educated about diseases, that hospitals provide statistics concerning diseases, and that strict quarantine be enforced in countries experiencing outbreaks, and that diseases be handled with less concern for cultural and religious beliefs. 

They continued with the DISEC topic, “The Ethics of Nuclear Non-Proliferation,” which considers the fairness of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the dominance of Nuclear Weapon States as opposed to the disadvantages that Non-Nuclear Weapon States face. United States expressed its stance on this issue, stating that the treaty should be kept in place. The United States, along with Jordan and Venezuela, believed that nuclear weapons should be withheld from unstable countries and that P-5 nations should keep a relatively large amount of nuclear weapon equipment. 

In an interview, the United States remarked that MUNIC has offered a great learning experience and growth for him as a speaker, particularly because of the challenging questions he has been asked. The delegate especially enjoyed representing his own home country, stating that there was so much to learn about the United States’ positions. He also had a fun experience because of his chairs and fellow delegates, who have created an encouraging and passionate environment. Thank you to all of the people involved in making the first MUNIC a success, and we’re glad that by researching three vastly different topics, you’ve experienced the best of three worlds!