DISEC: Weekend Overview

The Extended Article from the Monday Diplomat

Doughnut pass arounds and horseshoe room formations are just small aspects of the vibrant sessions of the DISEC committee. Headed by Eamon McFadden, DISEC encompassed topics ranging from Illicit Small Arms/Light Weapons Trafficking, to Combating Transnational Terrorist Organization Recruiting, to The Treaty on Open Skies. Much of debate surrounded and focused on Topic B: Combating Transnational Terrorist Organization Recruiting, because delegates decided that it included every single country rather than a select few developed nations. Several super resolutions were devised during the many un-moderated caucuses, which paid a great return as the first two resolutions debated in General Assembly were authored by delegates from the DISEC committee. Several delegates also decided that Topic 3: Treaty on Open Skies was the least inclusive, as many smaller and developing countries like Malaysia were not as affected by the debate or outcome. DISEC may have not been the fastest moving committee in regards to topics and debate, but it thoroughly analyzed resolutions in an efficient manner, seen in the prevalence of DISEC resolutions on the General Assembly docket. The chair was also met with a good reception from his committee, not only because he passed around doughnut holes. Evidently McFadden’s chairing style also left a lasting impact on the delegates in a fun and engaging manner.