INTERPOL: Hands Where I Can See Them

The Extended Article from the Monday Diplomat

Responsible for managing international police cooperation and ensuring public safety, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) was this year’s Ad-Hoc committee. Chaired by Cheyenne Carpenter, the committee heatedly debated the topics of Integrity in Sport, Wildlife and Forest Crimes, and the Misuse of the Informal Banking Sector – Hawala Transactions. Though the lights were dim and the room was packed, debated flowed smoothly and delegates discussed everything from the speaker’s time to the ethical logistics of anonymous bank transactions. As Topic A: Integrity in Sport began, debate rapidly picked up as delegates from the United States, Croatia, and Switzerland questioned the role of incentives in professional sport. Considering the recent Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) scandals, numerous delegates agreed that offering higher incentives could be more valuable than increasing punishment on the accused. Following Topic A came Topic C: the Misuse of the Informal Banking Sector, the most energized topic in committee. It was the most multifaceted affair, as numerous delegates debated took interesting positons based on their countries; two resolutions were eventually passed. Ending the INTERPOL sessions was Topic B: Wildlife and Forest Crimes. Because it was the last committee session, the topic moved quickly and the delegates called for a modified unmoderated caucus. Eventually a resolution authored by Switzerland was passed with a vote of 44 to 1 to 0. Ad-Hoc this year was extremely different, as it has never been done before in SHSMUN or other national conferences, and allowed for strong positions and heavy debate by all states represented.