LEGAL: Weekend Overview

The Extended Article from the Monday Diplomat

You have the right to remain silent, but we wouldn’t suggest that for this committee. As the Sixth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, the Legal Committee is responsible for regulating international law for member states, and it is the primary source of consideration of legal questions. Chaired by Elizabeth Landrum, the Legal committee was off to races as soon as sessions began. The topics ranged from Defining Maritime Piracy on an International Scale; to Defining the Right to Asylum, Extradition, and Hot Pursuit; to the Ethics of Human Cloning. Working to regulate international law among all member states, the Legal Committee has been hard at work addressing a variety of legal disputes including jurisdiction and laws concerning international waters, the fine line between the rights of the people and the rights of the state, and the debate between the scientific and legal communities. During the last hour-long caucus, the DPC connected with two delegates with experiences outside of SHSMUN to share their thoughts in an interview that can be found on the interview page of The Diplomat.