SOCHUM: Mo' Delegates, No Problems

The Extended Article from the Monday Diplomat

Justice for all! The protection of human rights and abilities around the globe lies in the hands of the delegates from the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly – the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM). By far the largest committee at this year’s SHSMUN, with upwards of sixty delegates, SOCHUM was headed by Sara Boyd and included the topics of Non-Refoulement in Refugee Law, Combating the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, and the Youth Bulge Theory. Much of the debate in the massive chambers of the Amphitheater dealt with super resolutions drafted by delegates who got together to understand each other’s positions. During debate over Non-Refoulement in Refugee Law, super resolutions compiled of key points from individual resolutions like the one authored by Switzerland, Chile, and India moved to protect the rights and abilities of refugees provided by the decision from a 1951 convention. Continuing on, the delegates in SOCHUM fervently debated Combating the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, during which new ideas and strong positions were declared and defended from countries large and small. The third topic, Youth Bulge Theory, unequivocally affected certain areas, but did not quite have the same global influence as the other two topics. As reiterated by the delegate from the United Kingdom, the goal of the Social and Humanitarian Committee is to find peace and resolve conflicts that directly and indirectly affect human lives, and this year’s delegates did a fantastic job carrying that through and adjusting to the large size of committee, relative to the growing SHSMUN conference.