Time Stops for No Committee

Time stops for no one, especially General Committee! Yet this disciplined team of individuals definitely showed all of us how efficient a committee can be, especially when they must investigate 27 topics. During the Saturday session, the delegates compiled the 27 topics into High Priority, Mid Priority, and Low Priority Lists. General was careful to ensure prioritizing was done well and in some instances, they spent half an hour debating whether topics like DISEC: Treaty on Open Skies should be moved to the lowest spot on the list and be replaced with SPECPOL: Regulating the Exploration and Development of Arctic Regions. With speakers’ lists often being filled with over twenty delegates and and countries taking time to explain the importance of topics to one another, the lists were finalized by the end of Saturday. 

On Sunday, the delegates were refreshed and ready to create a docket for all of the SHSMUN delegates who would later convene at General Assembly. Arguments by countries including Chile, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands encouraged fellow delegates to consider the flaws, questionable areas, and applicability of resolutions in order to foster and stimulate the best possible debate at General Assembly. Frequently entering moderated caucus, unmoderated caucus, and offering amendments to resolutions, the delegates had to decide in a timely manner which subjects were debatable in order to prepare for the assembly later that day. Thanks to the General Committee, General Assembly has been able to engage in productive debates so far! The order that this committee has created has exceeded the expectations of our wildest dreams, and we hope that future General Committees will follow in their footsteps.