And So It Begins...

   The Opening Ceremony for the biggest SHSMUN conference in history started with motivational speeches from the 3 secretariat members.
   Sara Boyd, the Director General, lauded the delegates for their willingness to discuss topics even before the United Nations identified the problems. She went on to explain the reason for why the delegates, future leaders of the world, should consider the topics in question important. Chattanooga, where the conference is being held, is experiencing the plight of climate change firsthand. The effects of climate change are seen in the 75 wildfires that are destroying the environment. The Director General wished the delegates luck in making solutions for the real life problems that they are discussing.
   Elizabeth, a secretariat member, took a different approach in her speech. She gave numerous examples of the plights that are occurring around the world even at this time. One such example was a case in Kyrgyzstan, where a woman had her genitals mutilated because the culture deemed such an act as holy. She continued to tell the delegates that it is their time to make a difference.
   Matheson concluded the motivational speeches by mainly explaining the technicalities of being a chair/secretariat. When applying to college, the Madame Secretariat was proud in putting SHSMUN as an additional activity, although because of the time commitment she couldn't put in anything else.
   The Secretariat, the chairs, and the YMCA collectively wished that the delegates make good resolutions and come up with substantive plans for solving the problems of the world. The staff also asked that the delegates consider applying as future staffs and officers. And with that note, the opening ceremony ended. While the banging of the gavels was the official start of SHSMUN 2016, the real start was signified by the enormous crowd of delegates shuffling towards their committee rooms.