Dime Among the Dozen

   A large group settles into the middle of the room for both of the ten minute unmoderated caucuses. The hustle and the bustle of DISEC committee was only enhanced by the unmods. The majority of the delegates were in the middle of room discussing a way to make a resolution better, or to create a new super resolution. After a double header of unmoderated caucuses the honorable chair, Hannah Maynor, lead the discussion back to the topic at hand. New Zealand started the speaker’s list back off. In order to properly capture his fellow delegates attention, New Zealand delegate walked around the room. Making sure that everyone had a clear view of him the delegate opened with remarks back to his resolution then answered every question to the best of his ability. He answered brutal questions from the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Angola, and United Kingdom. The committee settled down soon after the delegate from New Zealand finished his time, at that appointed time the DISEC chair moved the committee on to the next speaker.