GC Or Cheesy

    The General Committee president and Secretariat member, Elizabeth Landrum began the first session of the committee by giving her delegates eatery suggestions. She quickly changed her tone to serious to move the committee into the first topic on the day’s schedule. The United States of America opened the committee with beginning remarks that included several comments on the importance of all topics while also explaining his reasoning on his priority list. After the delegate had opened the floor to questions the floor stayed quiet for several long moments, before the honorable chair/secretariat member coaxed a conversation to begin. In what seemed to be a moment into the debate the Sec Gen, Matheson Wynnemer, came to offer suggestions on the uses of the pages (the middle school students who assist the delegates in passing notes during the conference). The impressive quality of this General committee was their superb ability to move from dead silent to a heated debate. A successful first session for the 2016 SHSMUN General Committee.