Squashing the Superbugs

   The World Health Organization(WHO) started with much enthusiasm, which was shown when the chair had to ask the delegates to refrain from introducing moral arguments on the matter. The delegate of India went first with the speeches, introducing her resolution to the committee. The resolution, whose topic was "Antibiotic Resistance and the Creation of Superbugs", was heavily debated on the committee. The delegate of India explained that antibiotic medicine is being sold over the counter in her home country, which doesn't help the country when regulating its prescriptions. The delegates further explained that the global community should help each other by agreeing on funding by the United Nations. The delegate of India was questioned mainly on the sovereignty and feasibility aspects.  The delegate explained that her resolution had clauses asking the global community for help when regulating antibacterial drugs and coaxing individual nations to help the specific legislature. The overall enthusiasm of the delegates, although commendable, was put in check by a limitation of the speakers time to 15 mins. However, there is no doubt that the WHO will continue enthusiastic debate on the medical issues of the world.