Committee Interviews!

Questions that were asked:

1. Do you like your committee?

2. Why do you like it?

3. What is the current situation in the committee?

4. What is your solution?



1. Yes.

2. I love the chair, I love that most everyone gets a chance to talk. 

3. We are voting on a super resolution. We will be tabling a resolution. 

4. I want to diversify the economy. Many of the nations don't have more than one or two main exports. Having more than one or two main exports would ensure better economic standing for the developing or developed nations.



1. Yes.

2. There is an intensive debate. The delegates are able to collaborate effectively. 

3. We are reading out the super resolutions. I just gave an authorization speech for mine.

4. My plan is to distribute necessities to the slums. I am spearheading a resolution that asks the member nations to give food and water. In order to ensure long-term benefits, the resolution recommends nations to provide job opportunities to able and willing citizens of the slum. The Cities Alliance will be spearheading the helping operations.



1. Yes.

2. I can relate a lot to what is happening. I aspire to go into the medical research field.

3. We are debating about the superbugs. 

4. Our block wishes to better educate the doctors. We will progress slowly and provide incentives.



1. Yes.

2. We can save the babies. The Legal committee has a nice balance between the humanitarian aspect and international law.

3. We are writing a super resolution. 

4. I want to stop biased profiling, such as assumptions based on race and/or religion. The core item on my resolution is having the law enforcement to report their policing activities. Such methods would ensure a reduction of discrimination and arrests.