Crisis Secured

The brilliant minds of the Security Council were jostled out of their calm slumber in the wee hours of the morning for the meeting they had all be anticipating. The esteemed delegates were chatting earnestly as they awaited news on the crisis from their honored Director General. When the news broke about the crisis the room fell into a hush. The crisis encompassed a bombing, reportedly from the Muslim Brotherhood, on a very populated hotel in Dahab, Egypt. The Egyptian government had been watching out for an attack from the suspected terrorist group. The Egyptians retaliated with immediate force against the group. After a concise briefing the delegates were informed that the media would be able to hear everything that happened in the room. They were also given Cables which gave the delegates short descriptions of how their country would respond and any facts that would be helpful in the crisis. The Egyptian delegate stood as soon as the speaker’s list was opened. The delegate wanted to council to know that Egypt would like to keep the decision within their government but they would be opened to financial aid from the other countries. The tone of the room changed shortly after the Egyptian delegate yielded his time because the New Zealand delegate opened his time with an emotional monologue. The delegate said “We stand for peace, safety, and the rights of the people.” The debate quickly split the delegates into two groups. One wanted immediate action, claiming that the global community had waited enough. The other asked for more time, stating national sovereignty and the justification of Egypt’s actions. However, an update on the situation, which entailed a protest in Cairo against the military actions by the Egyptian government, saw a change to the dynamics, The protest had been quickly broken down, leaving the world with pictures of broken bodies and blood everywhere. The American University of Cairo was attacked; its faculties were kidnapped. Communication with the Egyptian population became spotty at best. The last video was one of the Egyptian people slowly losing faith with the international community. The delegates asking for immediate action further justified their actions with the new information. The delegates calling for more information toned down after identifying the potential impact of the new update. The delegates were able to reach a resolution with the two frameworks. Working in the early morning did not seem to inhibit the delegates ability to solve problems and compromise.