Day Two of WHO

The World Health Organization(WHO) was debating the matter of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The issue that was most clashing was the leniency of the resolution; the resolution was apathetic to the act of Female Genital Mutilation, rather, the sponsors allowed religious and cultural diversity and condemned the incorrect methodology. The chair had to correct the delegates on the official position of the WHO, which was the condemnation of the act of FGM. The sponsors explained that their position of providing safe clinics that request the consent from women over-age and ask for permission from the parents of the minors. There would also be a lawyer or witness to ensure safe and sanitary conditions. The Vietnam delegate, along with her peers, called for physical, social and psychological support in the clinics. Although there were debates regarding the stance that the resolution took, the delegates agreed on the need for infrastructure in the communities with FGM.