DISECting Cluster Munitions

The DISEC committee wasted no time and jumped right into a mass debate on cluster munitions. The first speaker of the morning was the delegate from China, he lead his unlimited time with statements concerning his resolution then quickly yielded his time to the chair.  In the midst of the conversation several delegates raised their placards with questions about the abilities of the DISEC committee in regards to creating new weapons. The chair, Hannah Maynor, swiftly and sweetly described the abilities and the limitations of the committee, answering all questions given to her. Once the conversation went back to cluster munitions, there were a series of points of orders. Three delegates stood up in the midst of trying to correct one another were corrected themselves. The series of point of orders seemed  to have sparked passion amongst the delegates from Germany, Malaysia, and Croatia. The delegates were quite happy about a moderated caucus that allowed sixteen countries to elaborate on their positions as well as speak about super resolutions. The mention of super resolutions reminded all the delegates of their ability to have an unmoderated caucus in order to discuss these super resolutions. From the reporter's perspective it seems as though the super resolutions have quickly become the main focus of conversations amongst the delegates.