Enemy Disarmed

DISEC was in the midst of a normal committee session when news broke that a terrorist group from Egypt had struck in Malaysia. The United States and the United kingdom sent in PMSCs who then used cluster munitions. The DISEC chair reminded the committee soon after the news broke that the number one priority of the committee at this time was to protect the citizens of the country as well as to use their debate skills to come to a compromise that would utilize all countries while remaining civil.  The terrorist group wishes to introduce Sharia Law to the country. Soon after the crisis was enacted in the committee the President of the United States of America and the Madam Secretary came in and gave a speech assuring the delegates that they are doing everything in their power to stop this problem before it can continue any further. Following the speech given by the two great powers the committee entered into a moderated caucus in which the speakers gave passionate speeches to persuade the countries to fight against the impending terrorist attack.  The speakers included Malaysia, the United Kingdom (who apologized for their rash actions referring to the cluster munitions), and Somalia. Soon after the caucus was over, the committee moved to enter into an unmoderated caucus. Before the honorable chair’s gavel had hit the desk to finalize the decision of the unmoderated caucus delegates were rushing over to the side of the room where The United States of America and the United Kingdom had begun preparations for one super resolution. After twenty minutes of sheer stress, sweat, and compromise the delegates introduced their resolution, which was quickly passed with one country abstaining and another opposing. The hard working committee rested at ease to know that they had solved the crisis!