Generally Stressed

General brought many promises of stress induced debates and controversial topics. The General committee carried on their daily routine for the majority of the morning until the realization of the impending GA docket announcement. The committee quickly realized that they did not have as much time left and rushed through the topics to the extent where the “didn’t even have time to think”. The delegates however, deliberated on tabling resolutions due to differences. The general reason that the delegates wanted to table these resolutions was to continue on with the debate or because they thought the numerous resolutions on the topics was not necessary. By the middle of committee the delegates were questioning the method in which they were choosing topics. Debate was put on hold for quite some time because the delegates wanted to make sure they knew exactly what they could and could not do. The night concluded with the delegates setting a satisfying docket for the GA tomorrow morning. The General Committee is excited to see the debate for tomorrow.