Interviews (again?!)

Garrison Clower, Angola General, CCA, 10

Years of experience; 5 years, 6th-9th grade, including Middle School Model United Nations

Why have you spent so much time with this conference?  “I enjoy learning about other countries especially being in the the USA we don’t see enough from the other countries, but being here helps me understand international problems.”

Has MUN helped shape who you are today? Yes, it really helps with understanding respect and appreciating other people’s perspectives. It really helps with seeing both sides of an argument. It also allows for me to meet new people that I would not usually talk to.”

Are you going to apply for a chair?  No not for next year because Junior year at my school is a lot of work and I don’t want to have too much work. I will consider applying to be a chair my senior year. I would love to be the General President because it’s more laid back but it’s still stressful (laughs) it’s a weird thing to explain. I enjoy all of the topics as well as the people but they are very intimidating. They are intimidating but they still inspire me to be be better, it’s a special feeling”

What has been your favorite memory from SHSMUN?  “I really like exploring Chattanooga with different people and being able to hang out with so many different people.”



David Rhea, DISEC from Malaysia, Lausanne, Junior

How many years have you done MUN? “Two years, first year in INTERPOL and then now DISEC”

Why have you done MUN? “MUN gives me a chance to learn about the international community as well as debate ideas that you may not completely agree with.”

Has MUN helped you grow? “Yes, definitely. The position papers are really enjoyable, (laughs) they are actually the only papers I enjoy writing. MUN has opened me up to the world at large.”

Has MUN shaped who you are today? “Yes, it allows me to state points and compromise because it is impossible to work in any setting without compromising.”

Are you thinking of applying to be a chair? “yes, I would love to be the DISEC chair because it was one of the founding committees of the UN. It’s also very helpful to help with peace which is the primary reason the UN is around.”

What is your favorite memory? “I liked being North Korea last year because I had to defend ridiculous things (laughs) it was just really cool.”


Rose Dallimore, Uruguay Security, Baylor, Junior

How many years have you done MUN? “Four years, One in Middle School MUN and then three at SHSMUN.”

Why have you done MUN? “I really like international relations and I like to meet like minded people and grow my interest.”

Has MUN shaped who you are? “Yes, it has definitely changed my personality and vocality.”

Has MUN helped you grow? “Yes, it has helped me with understanding different perspectives as well has helped me academically. It has helped me with history because of the amount of time you have to research for position papers and general formatting of papers.”

Are you going to apply to be a chair? “Yes, I would like to be EcoFin or be DirGen. DirGen interests me because I’m an officer at my school so I edit a lot of papers and I actually enjoy it. I like being able to teach people how to write papers and just general editing.”

Do you have any advice for delegates? “I would like to tell people to try public speaking because once you try it you get really good at it and then you can’t get enough of it. Public speaking teaches you to make social connections and to be understanding of other people’s opinions when they are different from your own. It’s really worth it no matter what”