School's in Session: Security Edition

The Security committee reconvened by reading an amendment to a resolution that eventually passed with a high majority of the delegates approval. The council's leader, Nupur Singh quickly moved the committee back to the speaker’s list that was lead by the delegate from France. The delegate discussed the possibility of converting most the the UN’s currency to the CFA Franc, the delegate reasoned that it has been highly beneficial to many European countries and could have a very positive effect on the African countries. After a small number of questions the delegate yielded his time to the chair in which the chair absorbed the time then passed the time onto the delegate from Japan. The majority of the speech made by Japan was in regards to the numerous projects and missions that Japan is working on currently as well as trying to persuade the committee to take actions similar to Japan's. Japan held their position on this topic throughout the continuous rounds of questions. The delegate from Japan said that “Peace is of the highest priority” which is his primary reasoning for all of the actions that were suggested in his resolutions.