Security Council Day 2

This morning’s session of Security Council was opened with testimony from a delegate of Myanmar (who bears a striking resemblance to our honorable Secretary-General), discussing his country’s role in the current ethnic crisis in Myanmar. He opened his statement by saying, “We do not hate the Rohingya people...We are who we are, they are who they are, and they are not a part of our national identity.” He denied any accusations of Myanmar’s involvement in ethnic cleansing and noted the negative impact of western media in the growth and stabilization of Myanmar’s democracy. Later, testimony was given by a Rohingya refugee who fled her home after her family was brutally murdered before her eyes. She bravely and emotionally asserted to the SecCo delegates that the Myanmar government is “clouding” the mistreatment of the Rohingya and that in order for their suffering to end, the President of Myanmar must be removed from office. These riveting testimonies sparked intense debate over the compromise between national sovereignty and the insurance of human rights to the Rohingya people.