UNEP Day 2

The United Nations Environment Programme debated on the topic of bioaccumulation. Bioaccumulation is the buildup of chemicals and toxic waste in crops. The United Kingdom delegate noted that the certain pesticides that lead to bioaccumulation should be banned. She also stated that human life comes before the economic gains of producing a surplus of crops. The delegates from the United Kingdom, Bolivia, and the Republic of Korea authored a super-resolution. If passed, the resolution will regulate toxins used for farming, educate the public on healthy farming, and inform the public on the effects the chemicals can have on children’s immune systems. Italy discussed the use of certain plants to purify the soil from the use of harmful chemicals. The delegates from Oman, Iraq, and Botswana authored a super-resolution that would improve the draining of waste, enforce a safe disposal of toxic waste, and educate the public on the proper disposal of chemicals.