WFP Day 1

In the first committee session of the weekend, WFP progressed quickly through the docket for their first topic, Food Instability in Conflict Areas. The committee struggled to agree as the resolutions ranged in action from passive, to reactive, to proactive. The main dilemma of the topic was appropriately dealing with the war-torn aspect of the countries in need. Most resolutions suggested some form of humanitarian aid be sent into the country, however, some suggested the supplies also be sent with military. Immediately the question on the floor was whose military would be sent in accompaniment. Many countries had issues with the entrance of external militia or even NGO’s into their country to supply such aid. Alternatively, another resolution suggested the food supplies be flown into the country via drone.
Again, met with immediate scrutiny, the proposing country was berated by fellow delegates who questioned the contingency of a drone actually making it very far into a war-torn country before being shot down. Another popular position was contacting NGO’s, nonprofit, or donation based programs to bring the needed supplies into these countries. However, many, of the countries involved were reluctant to take such supplies in fear of dependency. Other, more developed countries did not wish to donate their overproduction of crops because of the economic benefit the receiving countries would gain. Lastly, some alternative agriculture techniques such as drip irrigation and enriched food were offered in a hopeful attempt to find a solution.