WFP Day 2

The World Food Program started their second day by discussing the positives and negatives of Agrofuels. Agrofuels are defined as liquid fuels made from plant and biological material that are often food crops. Several countries continued to support the idea of Agrofuels for reasons including transportation and the cease of global warming. Agrofuels are burned the same as petrol and diesel and can be used in the engines of cars and airplanes. These replace fossil fuels and could slow the rate of global warming. However, other delegates responded by stating Agrofuels would only harm more countries than they would help. The areas in the world that do not have enough crops, but still contribute to Agrofuels, face famine within their countries as well as a rise of price on food products. Delegates debated whether or not Agrofuels could successfully aid the world and eventually a delegate from the United States decided to not force countries to participate in Agrofuels, but rather regulate the number of crops used.