Committees and Topic Guides

Topic headers for SHSMUN 2019 are posted below! Click on the committee to access its topic guide.

Due to the nature of General Committee as a legislative organ of the conference, its topic guide will be released later, at then end of August.

Advanced Committees

General Committee

No Preset Topics

General Committee Docket- Nov 2019

Security Council

Security Council Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Addressing Post-Election Violence in Developing Countries

Topic B: The Situation in Cameroon

Topic C: Peacebuilding in the Sahel

General Assembly Main Committees

GA 1: Disarmament and International Security

DISEC Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: The Proliferation of Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)

Topic B: Growing Militarism in the Arctic Ocean 

Topic C: Subterranean Warfare 

GA 2: Economic and Financial

ECOFIN Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: The Impact of Automation on Developing Economies

Topic B: Evaluating the Merits of Foreign Direct Investment

Topic C: Regulation of Microfinance

GA 3: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

SOCHUM Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Addressing the Plight of Stateless Persons

Topic B: Women’s Rights in the Garment Industry

Topic C: The Rights of Activists

GA 6: Legal

Legal Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: The Legislative Protection of the Environment During Armed Conflict

Topic B: State Responsibility in Relation to State Succession

Topic C: The Settlement of Disputes to which IGOs are Party

ITU Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Resilient Telecommunication Infrastructure in Disaster Response and Recovery

Topic B: Regulatory Barriers for Nanosatellites

Topic C: Universal Design Standards for ICT Accessibility

Ad Hoc Two: United Nations Development Program


UNDP Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Increasing Civic Engagement Through Democratic Infrastructure

Topic B: Sustainable Commodities

Topic C: Increasing Sustainability Within The Transport Sector

United Nations Environment Programme

UNEP Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Methods of Radioactive Waste Disposal 

Topic B: The Rehabilitation of Endangered Species 

Topic C: Combating Permafrost Degradation 

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

UNESCO Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: The Bioethical Implications of Gene Editing

Topic B: Language Digitization

Topic C: The Role of Low Fee Private Schools in Developing Nations

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

UNODC Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Juvenile Justice Reform

Topic B: Synthetic Opioids Abuse

Topic C: Addressing Migrant Smuggling 

World Health Organization

WHO Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Sustainable Healthcare Models for Aging Populations

Topic B: Mitigating Risk Factors of Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Topic C: Addressing the Resurgence of Cholera in Sub-Saharan Africa

Model United Nations Introductory Committee

MUNIC Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: UNEP: Forest Fragmentation 

Topic B: WHO: Improving Healthcare in Host Communities

Topic C: DISEC: Combating the Radicalization of The Lost Generation