Committees and Topic Guides

Topics for SHSMUN 2019 will be released in early August. For now, please enjoy a look back at the 2018 topics.

Click on the banners below to get more information about individual committees and to access their topic guides. Make sure to have taken a look at the Delegate Resources before you begin to research and write.

Advanced Committees

General Committee

Security Council Docket

Topic A: Integrating Human Capital Into Conflict Transformation

Topic B: The Situation in Yemen

Topic C: Combatting Abuses in the Sinai Peninsula

General Assembly Main Committees

GA 1: Disarmament and International Security

DISEC Docket

Topic A: Riot Control Agents in Chemical Warfare

Topic B: Global Submarine Proliferation

Topic C: The Role of Sanctuaries in Transnational Insurgencies

GA 2: Economic and Financial


Topic A: Addressing the Role of Inflation in Economic Crises

Topic B: Income Distribution in Developing Economies

Topic C: The Impact of Protectionist Policy on International Trade

GA 3: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural


Topic A: Examining child rights in conflict areas

Topic B: debt bondage

Topic C: state sanctioned torture of political prisoners

GA 6: Legal

Legal Docket

TOPIC A: Refining the Legal Definition of Terrorism

TOPIC B: Application of International Law to Cyberwarfare

TOPIC C: The Practice of Reservations to Treaties

UN Specialized Agencies

Ad Hoc One: International Maritime Organization


IMO Docket

Topic A: Revisiting International Legislation Surrounding Stowaways

Topic B: Examining the Implications of Maritime Cybersecurity

Topic C: Addressing Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Ad Hoc Two: United Nations Industrial Development Organization


UNIDO Docket

Topic A: Cross Cutting Services in Industrial Parks

Topic B: Combating Youth Unemployment through Productive Work

Topic C: The Impacts of Industry 4.0


United Nations Environment Programme

UNEP Docket

Topic A: The Role of Extractives in Pollution and Resource Consumption

Topic B: SUSTAINABLE development of water infrastructure

Topic C: Bridging the gap for off-grid settlements


United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization


Topic A: Preserving Traditional Medical Knowledge

Topic B: Expanding Media Pluralism

Topic C: Teaching Digital Literacy


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

UNODC Docket

Topic A: Human Organ Trafficking

Topic B: Corruption in Prisons Systems

TOPIC C: Improving National Forensic Capacity

World Health Organization

WHO Docket

Topic a: controlling the measles outbreak in africa

topic b: The access gap in the commercialization of medical technologies

topic c: mediating the health risks of manufactured chemicals

Model United Nations Introductory Committee

MUNIC Docket

TOPIC A: UNEP | Protecting Marine Biodiversity

TOPIC B: WHO | Blood System Strengthening in Developing Countries

TOPIC C: DISEC | The Developing Threat of Improvised Explosive Devices