Committees and Topic Guides

Topic headers for SHSMUN 2019 are posted below! Check back for the topic guides in mid August.

Advanced Committees

General Committee

No Preset Topics

General Committee Docket- Nov 2019

Security Council

Security Council Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Addressing Post-Election Violence in Developing Countries

Topic B: The Situation in Cameroon

Topic C: Peacebuilding in the Sahel

General Assembly Main Committees

GA 1: Disarmament and International Security

DISEC Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: The Proliferation of Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)

Topic B: Growing Militarism in the Arctic Ocean 

Topic C: Subterranean Warfare 

GA 2: Economic and Financial

ECOFIN Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: The Impact of Automation on Developing Economies

Topic B: Evaluating the Merits of Foreign Direct Investment

Topic C: Regulation of Microfinance

GA 3: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

SOCHUM Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Addressing the Plight of Stateless Persons

Topic B: Women’s Rights in the Garment Industry

Topic C: The Rights of Activists

GA 6: Legal

Legal Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: The Legislative Protection of the Environment During Armed Conflict

Topic B: State Responsibility in Relation to State Succession

Topic C: The Settlement of Disputes to which IGOs are Party

ITU Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Resilient Telecommunication Infrastructure in Disaster Response and Recovery

Topic B: Regulatory Barriers for Nanosatellites

Topic C: Universal Design Standards for ICT Accessibility

Ad Hoc Two: United Nations Development Program


UNDP Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Increasing Civic Engagement Through Democratic Infrastructure

Topic B: Sustainable Commodities

Topic C: Increasing Sustainability Within The Transport Sector

United Nations Environment Programme

UNEP Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Methods of Radioactive Waste Disposal 

Topic B: The Rehabilitation of Endangered Species 

Topic C: Combating Permafrost Degradation 

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

UNESCO Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: The Bioethical Implications of Gene Editing

Topic B: Language Digitization

Topic C: The Role of Low Fee Private Schools in Developing Nations

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

UNODC Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Juvenile Justice Reform

Topic B: Synthetic Opioids Abuse

Topic C: Addressing Migrant Smuggling 

World Health Organization

WHO Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: Sustainable Healthcare Models for Aging Populations

Topic B: Mitigating Risk Factors of Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Topic C: Addressing the Resurgence of Cholera in Sub-Saharan Africa

Model United Nations Introductory Committee

MUNIC Docket- Nov 2019

Topic A: UNEP: Forest Fragmentation 

Topic B: WHO: Improving Healthcare in Host Communities

Topic C: DISEC: Combating the Radicalization of The Lost Generation