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As a member of the United Nations Development Group, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s primary objective is the promotion and acceleration of industrial development in developing countries and countries with economies in transition and the promotion of international industrial cooperation.


Topic A: Increasing Civic Engagement Through Democratic Infrastructure

The UNDP was founded on the belief of democratic governance and peacebuilding. Civic engagement is foundational to reaching this goal of democratic governance. The level of active civic engagement varies from country to country based on the number of resources available to the community and government for the inclusion of their citizens. With that being said, ensuring the proper infrastructures exist to secure this fundamental right is imperative to democratic governance. 

Topic B: Sustainable Commodities

Commodity production constitutes a large percentage of the workforce in low-income countries. Along with this, a quarter of all GDP comes in from the trade of commodities. The commodity market is continuously growing, and a lack of policies to ensure sustainability in all areas of commodity production and trade is still a pressing issue. The sustainability of commodities is requisite to sustainable development and environmental conservation. 

Topic C: Increasing Sustainability Within The Transport Sector

With the number of people using urban transportation doubling in size by 2050, the transportation sector is a rapidly growing field. Despite these progressions, there is still a considerable lack of significant infrastructure changes and policy reform methods to address the persistent drawbacks within the transport sector.  Ameliorating the ineffective policies within the transport sector, along with increasing sustainability overall is key in reaching sustainable development. 


Emily Stoddard, UNDP Chair

1. ) Use three adjective to describe yourself.

Motivated, quirky, passionate.

2.) What kind of food would you be? Why?

An avocado, that way when people get me they can reference the amazing vine, "an avocado.... thanks."

3.) What is your Favorite SHSMUN memory?

Speaking for the first time my freshman year. I wasn't really sure if I enjoyed Model UN or public speaking. I was in Legal committee my freshman year, 2017. I remember being so nervous. After I spoke and applied myself to debate I found my passion and it sounds cheesy, but it was an incredibly magical moment that I will always remember.

4.) What is your 2019 anthem?

Any Billie Eilish or lana del rey song.

5.)What's your favorite quote?

"Road work ahead, uh yeah I sure hope it does!" On a serious note, "Even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there."